Sushma Karki 10 execlusive Photos

Sushma Karki is well known model and on-screen character of Nepali film industry. She appeared her acting profession from the motion picture Mero Euta Saathi Cha.

Sushma karki blamed the makers for her after creation film “Bar” for sexual harassment.She says she had declined to do any overnight boardinghouse scenes in the film yet she saw a bare gentleman going to on-screen character room.She additionally denounced generation group for staying in young ladies group.

Nonetheless, the creation group declines to acknowledge the allegations. They say karki was more centered around her beau than the shoot .So, needed to kick out from the movie.In other hand , karki says she herself left the shooting as she was not intrigued.

Here are her 10 execlusive photos:

10 Sushma Karki execlusive Photos

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