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Watch what girl think about Virginity

These days girls become fast forward in relationships, casual and live in relationships are common. Even they don't take serious to make close physical relations with unknown guys too. Girls openly talked on camera about their close relations and virginity

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Belly dance in Kathmandu

Kathmandu has changed now, each and every facility and popular culture around the world can be enjoyed here. Bars and Pubs here offer ladies and their dances which common Nepalese cannot imagine...Belly dance is not common for commoner of Hindu culture, but these days became popular because youngster can enjoy nightlife with foreign girls

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Archana Paneru Interview video

Archana Paneru, the September girl, who is viral in Nepal from first week of this month, was detained by Nepal police. After taking her and her mother in detonation police interrogate both and freed with some conditions, and they agreed not propagate exposed and bold photos via Facebook. During police detention some media persons were there and they recorded visuals of Archana Paneru's interview like discussion. Here is video

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When a boy attacked with axe

Think if you are on your way and one boy comes with an axe toward to attack you...what will happen to you ...can you imagine? obviously not....watch this video which shows you what happen when someone approach to attack you with such sharps...

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Is Christianity an evil?

Christianity is an evil religion. It destroyed the ancient culture of Europe, then Africa and Americas. Now they are trying to do same in Nepal. It dragged Europe down to the Dark Age, and killed millions. Same in Africa and Americas. Renaissance is the rejection of Christianity in Europe.

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Goodnight Mommy, the scariest trailer ever

In the warmth of the late spring lays a forlorn house in the wide open where nine year old twin siblings anticipate their mom's arrival. When she returns home, gauzed after corrective surgery, nothing is similar to before and the youngsters begin to question whether this lady is really who she says she is

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