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Women in Canada protest without dress

Several ladies in Canada got uncovered and turned out in the city to dissent. As per BBC News when police halted 3 ladies who were riding their bike uncovered, different several ladies stripped down and went to the boulevards to challenge. Police halted Tamera, Nadia and Alisha Mohammad when they discovered them riding bike uncovered.

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Why Mukunde so Popular?

Mukunde is popular for his free speech and criticism in public most of times he crosses all limits and uses vulgar words as well as hate speech. His total free speech attracts people some think he have good understanding, idea as well as political links. Whatever he speaks that are attractive so people used to hanging around him in Ratnapark but these days he is so active in Facebook with unique, timely and strange status

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Ruined Date

Establishing extramarital & date new girl is wow for someone but when friends and family know about that and villagers intervene on that, what ? Obviously in Nepal villagers intervene and do some funny thing to them :)

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Now Nepalese girls are open among friends

Physical relationships and reproductive health issues remains closed in bedroom and between couples in Nepalese society. Although discussion about relations between a girl and boy with related issues in public is strictly not common, teenagers and youngster share it among their friends. Boys are sharing such things among their circle but girls is totally exception this video is really an exception where Nepalese girls are sharing and acting everything with those words which are not supposed to

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Nepalese Girls Own Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is creation of South Korean musician Psy released on July 15, 2012 which breaked all records on online as well as music industry globally. Most viral music video set lots of trends too. In such how can Nepal be untouched, Nepalese girls performing Gangnam Style in their own room also viral in Nepal

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